intimate, locally focused workshops in Tofino B.C.


Our Story


Creative Tofino was started to support the community of creative crafters and share our collective skills.  We are life long learners but also need the motivation of taking a class in order to start (and finish!) things.  Are you one of us?

Creative Tofino is here for the self-identifying creatives + slackers alike.

We love where we are from and want to share our knowledge of place and pass on skills for you to carry away with you. We are laid-back, informal and sometimes sopping – just like Tofino.

Discover Something New

what are you looking for?


Are you a complete klutz with a paintbrush? Stab yourself with every needle? We all start there. Our ultimate aim is to help you along your creative journey and teach you skills that you can take away.


Maybe you are coming with a well honed skill. We hope to be able to expand on what you know and teach you something new. Hopefully you will do the same for us.


We aim to create an environment that mirrors the beauty around us. Fostering friendships and building each other up.

Local Instructors

born and raised here

Willa Bradshaw and sister Andrea have a passion for art and education.  Credentials too.  Andrea has 5 years experience as a high school teacher. Willa holds a masters’ degree in medical illustration, a unique discipline that combines art and science.  Between them and with a little help from local friends and neighbours they teach:

Knitting, Block Printing, Embroidery
Beading, Quilting, Painting, Stained Glass

Workshops In The Works

for foggy mornings and rainy afternoons

We love the smell of fresh brewed coffee.  We can sit down with a cup and dream up all sorts of experiences and exciting things to teach. But, ultimately, these experiences will be influenced by what you want to learn. Head over to our contact us page and let us know you would like to do

Embroidery Sampler

Join us for one of our three hour classes teaching you versatile hand embroidery stitches. By the end of the class, you will have a good start on a keepsake west coast themed sampler of your own making. The skills gained in this class can be used to add interest and personality to new projects and everyday items.

No experience necessary.

Travel Journals

Join us for one of our three hour classes teaching you water-colour painting skills to embellish your travels journal. By the end of the class, you will have work pages to guide you through mixing and applying paint and a finished piece inspired by our surroundings.

No experience necessary.